04-13-2021 · 1 minute read · 141 words

Notes from how to live like a stoic sage

Zeno of Citium - Phoenician who’s ship sinks with all men and cargo aboard. Zeno survives and arrives at shore in Athens. He goes to a bookshop and reads the works of Xenophon of Athens about the ancient philosopher Socrates. Zeno looks for a philosopher and finds Creates of Thebes and becomes his student.

Zeno after years of experience forms his own school called Stoicism.

  • Fundamentally we do not control much of the world as we think as the ship wreck that Zeno was in demonstrated.
  • We can recover from disasters by focusing on what is in our power. Like Zeno changing his profession from merchant to philosopher.
  • Live by the light of reason as a good member of the human community rather than pursue wealth and fame.

Live according to nature.


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