Homebrew Cheet Sheet

By   10-17-2017 · 1 minute read · 146 words

Here is a short cheet sheet on using homebrew, these are common everyday things you’ll run into or at least I ran into while using homebrew.

There is actually a FAQs on all this but I didn’t find this out till I wrote this…

Listing installed packages

brew list

Clean up builds

This can save a bit of space if you haven’t run it in a while.

brew cleanup

Pinning a formula

Pinning a formula is useful to prevent it from being upgraded.

brew pin someformula

Here is an example of me pinning macvim which gets updated wayyy to often and it gets annoying.

brew pin macvim

The next time I use upgrade you can see it shows macvim as being pinned.

[email protected] ~ $ brew upgrade
==> No packages to upgrade
==> Not upgrading 1 pinned package:
macvim 8.0-138

To unpin run:

brew unpin macvim

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